Translating your content into a new language is like traveling to a new country. But you’re not about to have a typical holiday. You will dive deep into the culture, understand the soul, history, traditions, trends and the very heart of each and every inhabitant.

Translating your content into a new language is like having a peek through the keyhole into the intimacy of a new culture. And your translator is your eyes, ears, and senses. She will guide you and your content through the shaping and molding of transcreation.

Because translating is an art. It is the art of understanding. It is the art of empathy. It is the childlike curiosity of discovery. For what is a wor(l)d if not an attempt at expressing our most inherent truth?

A translator helps you discover new words for new worlds. She is the ambassador for your product, service, book or idea in a new and exciting market with a brand new audience.

So who translates your truth? Who localizes your content? And are you content with localization?

Content Localization

In this blog, you will find tips about marketing localization, content as a microservice, localization management, translation, transcreation, and copywriting for international markets.

All the topics are based on real projects or business cases that I have encountered in the past 10+ years as a professional content and localization manager. I am trying my best to research each article well before writing and publishing it.

My goal is to share my experience and create more awareness about it means to create and transcreate content for international audiences.